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Ellizabeth Fitzpatrick

Long Island Radiology Associates

“Medtrx took the initiative to develop and implement a detailed reporting process essential to our collections and revenue reporting.  Medtrx has proven to be a trusted resource and are extremely timely with our contacts regarding any information they may need.  Although we are a client of Medtrx we feel more like partners.  We have worked with several medical billing companies in the past – Medtrx is the best of the best.”

Medtrx Healthcare Services is an excellent Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company.  They are efficient in processing our No Fault claims and are diligent in following up on unpaid claims, which has improved our collections.    Medtrx provides a comprehensive team of knowledge and helpful staff members who are able to troubleshoot claims processing and payment problems, providing the best opportunity for reimbursement.  I am very pleased with Medtx and the immense results that they have provided for my practice.  I would highly recommend them to any medical practice. 

Dr. Allan Perel

Alpha Neurology PC

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